With remote simultaneous interpreting we change your corporate communication

  • Faster contact with customers, employees, colleagues and suppliers through communication in their native language

  • Work more productively as the comprehensibility is much higher

  • Decisions and efficiency are significantly increased

  • Cloud based

  • Safe Costs: No Hardware, booth oder interpreter hub is needed
Remote simultaneous interpreting - RSI - Remote Interpreting
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Qonda - Livestream, Webconference, Online Meeting

Every day, millions of people use conferencing tools to meet together across the globe – and bridge the distance of thousands of kilometers.

Why not overcome all language barriers at the same time?

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Getting people to understand each other is sometimes a complicated task. Let’s make it a little easier. With remote simultaneous interpreting

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Qonda
Multilanguage Translation Interpretation Online Events

Qonda enables multilingual online conferencing. Unlike other popular video platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Webex, Qonda provides an unlimited number of language channels, making it possible to carry out simultaneous interpreting assignments online. Qonda can be used as an independent video conferencing tool or connected to all other popular applications.

We work all across the world for medium-sized companies, as well as for corporations and international organizations. The unconditional quality of technical and professional translation services is the very core of our work. Qonda is designed for translations of video conferencing and video streams, audio transmission and as a hybrid solution for live and on-site meetings.


Webex Interpretation
GoToMeeting Online Translation
Microsoft Teams Interpretation
Zoom Relais interpretation

What are the benefits of remote simultaneous interpreting with Qonda?

Online Conference Webinar

You save time and money

When interpreters work online, travel and accommodation expenses are eliminated. There is no need to transport and install expensive equipment, which minimizes the efforts needed for the general organizational process.

RSI platform translation

Choose independence.

Qonda is a browser-based tool that is compatible with any type of video and audio conferencing tool. There are no boundaries when it comes to language diversity and the number of participants. Interpretations through Qonda can be booked and set-up intuitively at any time.

Livestream Interpreter

Protect the environment.

The costs you save also help in preserving the environment. Fewer trips and less travel reduces CO2 emissions. Make an important contribution to environmental protection and sustainability.

Remote simultaneous interpreting for Online Meeetings

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Work with the best interpreters.

At Qonda, you have the option to use your own, proven interpreters. A broad network of accredited and certified interpreters are available for booking. All language combinations available on the market can be carried out through Qonda. Not only do we provide simultaneous (real-time interpreting), consecutive interpreting (successively) and relay interpreting (Interpreting of a common language through special language combinations) are also available.

Qonda is always the right fit: Overview of the applications.

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Webconferences interpreter


A webconference takes place entirely as a virtual event. Speakers, interpreters, and attendees participate from all over the world. Up to 1000 participants can connect live. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation!

Hybrid Events Interpretation


In a live event, the interpreters are located on-site. The translations can be distributed at the event and for livestreams via Qonda.

Online Meetings Translator

Board Meetings

A meeting takes place at a central location. The interpreters connect virtually and are ready on short notice since they do not have to make a special trip to attend the meeting.

Livestream Interpretation


During the livestreaming, up to 100,000 persons can listen in their language and follow, for example, shareholder meetings or product presentations. The corresponding interpreters simply connect and translate from anywhere in the world.

With remote simultaneous interpreting we change your corporate communication


Press conferences; Management Board meetings; Supervisory Board meetings; internal meetings and discussions; customer meetings; supplier meetings; product training; product presentation; lectures; panel discussions; multilingual training and webinars

RSI Platform

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