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GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting interpreting for your multilingual meetings

Remote Dolmetschen Dolmetsch Hub Livestream Übersetzen Mehrsprachigig Online Konferenz
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Use GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting and translate your conference into an infinite number of languages at the same time

GoToMeeting Interpreting Conference - Webinar - multilingual - remote simultaneous Interpretation - Webconference translation

GoToWebinar / GoToMeeting interpreting and Qonda are a strong team. Use Qonda to have your GoToWebinar / GoToMeeting meetings interpreted into the native language of your conference topics.

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Interpreting multilingual conferences with GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting

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You can continue to do this and use the interpretation via Qonda at the same time.

Qonda harmonizes ideally with GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting.


  • Interpreters dial directly into the GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting conference and interpret into an infinite number of languages via the Qonda platform.

  • Because Qonda was developed with interpreters in mind, Qonda provides a handover for interpreters, so interpreters don’t even have to be in the same city. 

  • We also offer a so-called relay function. In case a certain language combination should not be available at interpreters, so that nevertheless can be interpreted into the target language.

  • Your conference participants call up the required language channel of the translation via a separate browser window, which runs in the background or separately via smartphone. The participants continue to speak and discuss in GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting in the original language of the conference topics. 
GoToWebinar Interpreting Conference - multilingual - remote simultaneous Interpretation - Webconference translation
Remote Translator Livestream Webconference Webinars

This ensures that in combination with Qonda and GoToWebinar / GoToMeeting interpreting, your participants understand everything perfectly in their native language.

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