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Video interpreting – the simple solution for any type of event

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More and more conferences are held online.


Whether spontaneously called meetings of a handful of people at different sites or web conferences with 50 or more participants scheduled long in advance: With livestreams, you can reach many people at the same time, even audiences of several thousands. Another option are hybrid events which combine livestreams with online, on-site and/or virtual conferences.

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A constantly increasing portfolio of tools for implementing these video connections is available, allowing more and more people virtual face-to-face talking. Image and sound are transmitted in real time, no matter how far apart the participants are. Users can choose from a wide range of options for talking, giving presentations or showing short video sequences.

Thus, a perfect solution is available for every event host, whether they are planning a simple conversation via the Internet, a press conference, road show or product presentation.

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Understanding each other is what counts

Web conferences connect people from all over the world. Often, speakers speak different languages and feel more confident presenting in their native language. Video interpreting is the perfect solution here.

For video interpreting, the interpreters do not have to be on site but are located in an interpreter hub, office or even in their own homes. This saves time and travel costs for participants and interpreters. Changes in the conference schedule or the required language combinations are possible at short notice.

Since all participants are connected via video sharing, they see each other’s gestures and facial expressions. Thus, the interpreters can react much better to the speakers’ accentuations and nuances of meaning.  

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Qonda – Video interpretation tool & interpreters’ pool

Use Qonda for your international online conferences – with up to 20,000 participants world-wide in any language combination. Book the interpreters online via our browser-based platform. Either assign your own tried and tested interpreters to the job, or find qualified language experts in the extensive Qonda network.

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Qonda can be combined with all common applications such as MS-Teams, GoToMeeting or Webex – or used stand-alone as an all-in-one video conference tool, covering all planning and hosting requirements for your event.

Uncomplicated, intuitive handling and high-quality language services – Qonda is your reliable partner for international communication. Contact us. We will be happy to advise.

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You are planning online conferences with interpreting – on short notice or well in advance?

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