Today, more and more people come together through the internet. Why shouldn't interpreters also work remotely?

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The time has come to revolutionize the working conditions for interpreters. Qonda creates new technological opportunities.

Qonda guides professional interpreters to the internet, creating space to enable even more people to understand each other – allowing interpreters to experience the new independence their job provides.

Why Qonda?

  • Qonda is a browser-based platform, on which online simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services can be booked and carried out.
  • Qonda allows you to work as an interpreter from anywhere. You can join online conferences or meetings from any location and translate from there.
  • Qonda was developed in collaboration with interpreters. Translating using Qonda is carried out in almost the same manner as interpreting on-site from a booth.

Less travel, self-determined way of life.

You love your job but want to minimize your traveling? Then stay in the comfort of your own home and conduct your work from there – for example, during parental leave or vacation. Every day, thousands of exclusive conferences and meetings take place online that need your interpreting expertise.

Less distraction, more focused interpreting.

You love languages, but without the hassle of technical equipment? Then just switch on your computer, connect to the internet and the booked event, and get started. Completely focused on the core of your job: translating.

Less idle time, earn income more effectively.

You are doing precisely the right thing, but you are still not achieving your earning potential? With Qonda, you can plan more efficiently: Less travel time enables you to make room for more assignments. Qonda also offers additional earning opportunities.

How does interpreting work with Qonda?
Overview of the most important features.

The same operation as in the interpreting booth

Communication with interpreter colleagues
Chat function
Relay interpreting
Quick change in all languages
Listening to the translation of colleagues in the same language
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Come into contact with clients and events through the Qonda network and meet together online.

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Our interpreters are exited about Qonda.
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The only truly easy-to-use user interface for interpreters – no unnecessary functions, clear and concise, and for the first time in over 20 years in the industry, a relay function that is easier than in the actual booth!
Carola Wark, Dipl.-Dolm. FH
Member of BDÜ and VKD
* * *
After numerous unsuccessful tests with other providers, we finally found a video conferencing platform with interpreting and relay features that really work while providing participants and interpreters with many extras. Qonda´s technical support team is professional and reliable; the user-friendly interface is clearly structured and easy to use. Qonda makes interpreting fun!
Cátia Kroll Taliani
Member of BDÜ and VKD