You have the questions, we got the answers. Down below you will find the most common asked questions about selected topics. For further questions please use the chatfunction of our website or write us a message at support@goqonda.io

What type of events can be conducted using Qonda?

Qonda enables multilingual virtual conferences, live streaming, audio translation without images, and all translations via our platform with video connection.

What video conferencing tools are compatible with Qonda?

Qonda can be combined with all popular video conferencing tools: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Bluejeans, Jitsi, GoToMeeting, Skype, TeamViewer, Blizz by TeamViewer, Rakuten Viber, Amazon Chime and Mikogo. You can also use Qonda as an independent video conferencing tool including simultaneous interpretation.

What translation services does Qonda provide?

We provide not only simultaneous and relay interpreting but also consecutive interpreting using only one interpreter. Depending on the length of the event, you can work with one or multiple translators.

Can I use my own interpreters through Qonda?


Can I also use interpreters from an independent agency?

Yes. You can also utilize interpreters from an independent agency.

Can I book interpreters directly through Qonda?

This service is currently not available. It will be available soon.

How many languages can I translate into using Qonda?

At Qonda, there is no limit. You can translate into any number of languages.

Which languages can be booked?

There are no limitations. Qonda allows you to book any language combinations available on the market.

How do the interpreters receive the video signal when we wish to use our own video conferencing tool?

The interpreters are participants in your conference and receive the original sound during the event.

Where do the interpreters work?

The interpreters can work from anywhere – basically, they can work wherever a stable WI-FI connection is available. A technology and speed check is performed before every assignment to ensure that the interpreter is ready to get to work. The interpreter pair for each language combination does not have to be located on-site. The interpreters communicate additionally via internal communication channels provided by our platform (see point 12).

How can I, as a customer, communicate with the interpreter?

You have the option to chat with your event’s interpreters using “Organizations-Chat”.

How do interpreters communicate with each other?

The interpreters can communicate with each other during a conference by using chat functions. They can also listen to their colleague’s language channel.

Does Qonda offer relay interpreting?

Yes. You can listen to every language of an event and translate it as relay into another language.

Can an event be recorded?

Yes, every audio translation can be recorded. The entire video conference can be recorded if it was carried out through our platform.

How much advance notice is required to book an event?

There is no time limit. If you have your own interpreters, an event can be created and transacted within minutes.

Is there a limit to the number of participants?

It depends on the type of event you are scheduling. For events in which every participant can connect live, the maximum number of participants is 200 persons. For events in which the participants only listen and watch (e.g., livestreams), there is no limit to the number of participants.

What technical requirements are necessary to listen to translations using Qonda?

Participants can achieve the best results with the latest version from Google Chrome for computers and android smartphones and Safari on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 devices. Other compatible systems are: Firefox for Windows version 61 and newer and Safari on iOS devices version 11 and newer are both compatible systems. Due to manufacturer restrictions, the use of Safari for MacBook and iMac is not supported.

What technical requirements do the event organizers need to fulfill?

In general, the technical requirements are the same as those for the participants. We recommend that our customers organize and conduct their events via Firefox and Chrome.

Do I need to install anything on my computer to use Qonda?

No. Qonda is a browser-based platform, and therefore, it is not installed as a tool or plug-in.

Does Qonda provide its own video conferencing solution?

Yes. Qonda is also a video conferencing tool and provides a complete package comprising interpreters and a conferencing tool.

Does Qonda offer a demo account?

No, however, you can register at no cost and conduct a free demo event. Here you will find an instructional video.

What payment options are available?

You can pay using a credit card or through advance payment. If you have a framework agreement with us, you can also pay by invoice after the event.

What credit cards do you accept?

The following credit cards are accepted: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Barclaycard as well as their company cards.

Can I also pay by invoice as a company located outside of Germany?

Yes, you can pay through advance payment or by invoice after the event, provided you have a framework agreement with us.

What is Qonda’s cancellation policy?

The cancellation periods for booked events are as follows:
2 days prior to the begin of an event 80%
5 days prior to the begin of an event 50%
10 days prior to the begin of an event 10%.

However, the following cancellation periods shall apply when booking interpreting services:

- 30% for cancellation from the 16th – 20th workday before beginning an order
- 50% for cancellation from the 11th – 15th workday before beginning an order
- 70% for cancellation from the 6th – 10th workday before beginning an order
- 100% for cancellation up to 5 workdays before beginning an order

Can I still make changes to the event after it has been created?

Yes. You can adjust the starting times and increase the number of participants up to 5 minutes before beginning the (original) event. You can no longer reduce the number of registered participants since the invoice has already been processed and/or paid.

Are there streaming options available?

This service is currently not available. However, this function is currently in the development phase and will be implemented with the next update.