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Online interpreting from anywhere

Remote Dolmetschen Dolmetsch Hub Livestream Übersetzen Mehrsprachigig Online Konferenz

Online interpreting for virtual conferences, webinars, livestreams and hybrid events


The common practice for multi-language conferences used to be interpreting directly on site from a booth. Nowadays, however, there often is no actual ‘site’. The number of purely virtual or hybrid virtual meetings and web conferences has been increasing for years, and the trend is continuing.

Analogously, remote interpreting is gaining in importance – currently, in most cases from so-called interpreter hubs where all the interpreters for a conference meet to provide the interpretation.

Online interpreting conference webinar livestream meeting

With Qonda, online interpreting is now possible from anywhere. Wherever the interpreters are located – for example in their own homes –, they can dial in to your conference or livestream . There is no longer the need to make a control center and booth available, not even in the hub, where Qonda further improves the excellent working conditions for the interpreters.

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Like working in the booth – virtual interpreter platform for working from home

Our virtual interpreter platform offers all the benefits of an interpreter booth. Worldwide, Qonda is the first RSI platform with integrated functions for relay interpreting and a perfectly smooth handover.

By means of an EQ function, bass and treble frequencies can be set accurately so that the interpreters can hear the conference over their own voice. An interpreters’ chat room for each language combination ensures easy communication among the interpreters.

Online Dolmetschen Übersetzen von Online-Konferenzen Livestream Webinare
Online Meetings Translation

The requirements for success in virtual interpreting

Now as before, the basis for good interpreting is sound hardware. You need a powerful laptop computer – max. three years old – and an excellent headset which ensures that you hear the speakers well andcan be heard well

An indispensable requirement is a wired Internet connection. WLAN or a mobile phone connection is not recommended – the latency times are much too high and the resulting quality fluctuations are not acceptable.

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