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Remote simultaneous interpretation


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Qonda makes simultaneous interpreting via the internet as easy as setting up a video conference. Become a part of our trade network to promote Qonda and join in on our success.

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Qonda – interpreting re-invented.

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Up to now, interpreting used to be a service which involved plenty of traveling and technology and a great deal of coordination. As a browser-based platform, Qonda takes the simpler shortcut by enabling simultaneous interpretation as a remote solution via the internet.

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Simultaneous interpreting technology used to be complex, complicated and associated with significant technical challenges. Qonda changes that. Our platform can be used intuitively and is available immediately while ensuring reliable and secure handling.

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Up to now, only technical companies were able to offer simultaneous interpreting technology. With Qonda, all service providers can now process interpreting assignments for their customers and enter new markets to make profit.

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As a Qonda network affiliate (oben wurde für den ‘Partner’ agent verwendet), there are no risks involved. Benefit from the opportunity to offer your customers a simple solution and expand your service portfolio. Additional earning potential, without any hidden risks.

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