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We want to set the new standard for RSI

In a world in which it only takes a few clicks to connect thousands of people in online conferences beyond country borders, we believe a simple solution should be available at any time for real-time communication in the most diverse languages – and it should be accessible remotely.

Qonda means to understand – in Zulu.

Because that is what we aim for: to help people understand each other in this globalized world. Namely in their language – from Arabic to Zulu. We want to set the industry standard for remote interpreting, and step by step, make understanding (of each other) between people from all over the world a little easier.

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Qonda - Livestream, Webconference, Online Meeting

There must be an easier way.

The aspiration behind Qonda is to make simultaneous interpreting as easy to carry out as online video conferencing.

Qonda stands for

  • direct availability
  • endless scalability
  • independence in the selection of interpreters

We understand what we are doing.
Qonda comes from the industry.

Two people stand behind Qonda who have unified both of their perspectives: Benjamin Bühl has managed Dolmetscheragentur24 for five years and has 17 years of experience working in this industry. Mike Bertsch has been the CEO of B&B Technik + Events for over 20 years and is an expert in event technology and organization.

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RSI Platform

Developed together with interpreters.

To enable people to understand each other, high-qualified interpreters are needed who can fully concentrate on their work.

Qonda relies on: intuitive usability of the platform; a large network of interpreters; the very best technical performance and security

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