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Livestream simultaneous interpreting into several languages

Remote Dolmetschen Dolmetsch Hub Livestream Übersetzen Mehrsprachigig Online Konferenz

What exactly is livestream simultaneous interpreting?


Via livestream, you can broadcast your event, conference or product presentation in real time on various online channels to make the event accessible for any number of viewers all over the world. A livestream is comparable to a TV show which can be watched either live, at the time of transmission, or streamed later as an on-demand video.

Livestream simultaneous interpreting into several languages

Your event will be recorded in a studio, a conference room, or on a stage where your speakers give their presentation or where the panel meets.

Furthermore, you can dial in hosts and speakers and integrate them into the livestream as additional or only participants.

livestream interpreting multilanguage

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What are the benefits of livestream interpreting?

  • Flexible event structure: You can integrate and combine any number of speakers, cameras, presentations and videos.

  • Easy access: As a rule, participants and viewers do not need to install special software but can simply go online to join.

  • Real-time exchange: Participants and viewers can contribute. This way, a discourse can be created during the livestream, which at best brings added value for all.

  • Wide range: Intranet, home page, Youtube, Facebook – you can broadcast the livestream simultaneously on different platforms to reach more people all over the world.

And every single one of them should be able to follow your event.

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Livestream simultaneous interpreting with Qonda

With Qonda, you can have qualified, experienced and certified interpreters translate your livestream simultaneously into all the languages you need. In this way, you will address every single spectator in his or her native language. Since relay interpreting can be arranged in any combination, the number of languages is unlimited.

The interpreters work from wherever they are located, dialing in to the livestream to perform simultaneous interpretation via the virtual Qonda delivery platform. In compliance with ISO 24019, this platform provides a work environment which is equivalent to that of an interpreter booth.

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The solution for any type of event

Without exception, livestreams are suitable for any type of event – including livestream simultaneous translation – which addresses a large number of people world-wide:

  • conferences, training events, courses

  • congresses, international events

  • sessions of parliament, general meetings, association congresses

  • road shows, marketing events, press conferences

  • worship services
Livestream simultaneous interpreting multi-language translation

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