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Multi-lingual online conferences

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How can you use Qonda for your events?


Qonda is primarily intended for remote simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation or relay interpretation into the native languages of the participants of your web conference. Independently of its function as an interpretation tool, Qonda can be used as a mere video platform, for producing and broadcasting a livestream, or as a mobile translation tool for example for on-site factory tours.

See here for the full range of Qonda options:

Video conference - online conference - interpreting - translation

All-in-One Video conference with Qonda


Using Qonda as an all-in-one solution for web conferences , you won’t need any other or additional tools. In one go, carry out planning, video transmission and real-time simultaneous interpretation into an unlimited number of languages on the browser-based platform.

Up to 15 people can participate LIVE – with full video and audio connection – and select their respective language. Each participant speaks their native language and hears a live, real-time interpretation into this language of the other participants’ contributions.

The organization during the ongoing event is simple: The moderator can mute individual or all participants, disable images from the video camera, and see who raises their hand to make a contribution. As a last resort, the mod can even ban a participant completely from the conference.

As host of the event, you have access to the interpreters via a direct chat function to contact them, send messages, or upload new presentations and documents. Furthermore, the “On Air” function shows you who is interpreting right now.

Qonda comprises a screen partition function which appears on the current speaker’s screen, giving them a perfect overview of their presentation or other visual aids they are using.

Multi-language conferences with external tools

You wish to go on using your tried-and-tested conference tools such as Microsoft Teams, Webex, GotoMeeting, GotoWebinar, Google Meet, Jitsi, Zoom or Blue Jeans? No problem – Qonda can also be used just as an interpretation tool. Qonda has the required interfaces for all commonly used applications. The interpreters dial up directly to the conference and interpret via the connected Qonda platform.

The participants of your event call up the channel for the interpretation into their language via a separate browser window opened in the background, or separately via smartphone. For their own contributions, they continue to use the conference tool of your choice.

Videoconferencetool Webex Teams GoToMeeting Blue Jeans Translation Interpretation

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Interpreting livestreams

Corporate intranet or a global audience – your conference, event or product presentation addresses a large number of people? Here, the method of choice is a livestream which allows you to reach an unlimited number of participants who do not even have to register to take part.

With Qonda, you can address every participant in their native language. Your livestream can be interpreted into an unlimited number of languages. We provide you with an audio link or audio widget which allows your participants to select and listen to the language of their choice – simply via their browser or smartphone.

The audio widget is made available as a so-called IFrame, which can be embedded in your home page together with the livestream – so that your audience will find all they need directly on your website.


Remote Translator Livestream Webconference Webinars

Direct and immediately bookable

ABO or PRO contract

No personal training of the interpreters necessary

Online conference with up to 40 participants

Webinar with up to 1000 participants

Livestream output of the online conference

Integrate your own livestream

Interpretation of livestreams

Unlimited number of languages

Relay interpreting

Handover for the perfect interpreter change

Server location Germany

Polling tool with access control

Technical support


Virtual interpreter console available. Here the interpreters can train themselves at any time






Webinar interpreting - translation Qonda webinar tool
RSI platform translation

Livestream output and webinar of a Qonda online conference

Implemented in Qonda, online conferences with a high-volume audience can be broadcast directly in the form of a livestream . This saves the potentially significant costs of producing a separate livestream. We provide the livestream as RMTP or IFrame. You will receive a player for the video signal which comprises the target language for the interpretation selected by the participant.

This is a highly comfortable solution for press conferences,  training events, courses, product presentations etc. It allows you to reach a multitude of participants all over the world in their own native languages.


The webinar function can accommodate up to 1,000 listeners. On request, each participant can contribute to the conference via video and audio transmission.

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RSI Plattform Livestream Konferenz Hybrid Produktschulung Fortbildung Präsentation Ansprache Betriebsratssitzung

Integrating your livestream in Qonda


You are planning a livestream which is to be translated into several languages? Instead of including an external audio widget or using an audio link for the interpretation, you can also integrate your livestream directly in Qonda.


In Qonda, interpreters translate your livestream into the language of your choice ; the resulting livestream includes a language selection.

Livestream Simultaneous Interpretation Translation Qonda
Video translation

Use of Qonda in an audio conference or a multi-language on-site guided tour

Whether audio-only conferences or on-site guided city or shop floor tours – Qonda provides for uncomplicated interpretation into one or several languages.

The interpreters simply dial in to the event, and their translations are transmitted to the participants’ own smartphones – for comfortable and fully mobile listening.


RSI Platform

Use of Qonda in personalized voting and surveys


All-in-one with video conference, livestream interpretation or audio conference – no matter how and to which end you are using Qonda, you can integrate personalized voting and surveys in your event or carry them out on a completely separate platform. Voting can either take place directly in Qonda, or via a link or iFrame embedded on your home page.


There are absolutely no restrictions in the design of your surveys. You can choose between complex single- and multiple-choice answers or a straight-forward “Yes/No/Don’t know” option . Only after you activate the questions, they will be displayed for all participants to see. You can limit the time of the voting, either show or hide the results and export all contents.


Additionally, you have the option to allow only certain people to vote or to assign a specific voting weights to participants – perfect for shareholder meetings, general meetings or members’ assemblies with different voting percentages.


To this end, Qonda generates special access codes which will be sent to certain persons only.

Polling System - Audience Response System - Online Conference - Livestream

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Other features and benefits

For companies:

  • Creating your own events: With Qonda, creating an event is a matter of minutes – even shortly before the planned date. All costs are visible at once so that you can book immediately.

  • Integrate branding: You can brand Qonda in accordance with your CI and integrate your logo – your corporate image will be conspicuous during the entire event.

  • Covering a full range of languages: Qonda allows for interpreting into an unlimited number of languages and language combinations. Via the platform, you can access interpreters from all over the world.

  • Be on the safe side in terms of data protection: Our servers are located in Germany, in Frankfurt am Main. Qonda complies with GDPR and ISO/PAS 24019.

For interpreters:

  • Interpreting from home in the same manner as from the booth: With Qonda, the first RSI platform with relay interpreting function, interpreting from wherever you are located feels almost the same as working from a real booth.

  • Perfect handover: Interpreters of the same language combination can do a smooth handover also when located at completely different sites.


  • Separate interpreters’ chat: A separate chat which runs independent of the conference makes communication among the interpreters easier, without the need for any external tools.

Do you have any questions or would you like to see a live demonstration? Just send an email to support@goqonda.io


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